A Big Question, a Binding Promise and a Tailored Ring to Seal the Deal

What’s the Deal with the Ring Thing?

Ancient Egyptians and geometry go together like salt and pepper, so it’s really no surprise that they came to view the circle as a symbol representing eternity. Reeds wrapped around the finger in no particular design, carrying no particular precious stone sufficed then to represent this eternal promise, but this is no longer sufficient for a material girl in a material world – diamonds are the new forever (and by new, we mean a 542-year-old tradition).

The History of Diamonds in Engagement Rings

Archduke Maximilian of Austria was one romantic guy who successfully one-upped the entirety of his fellow male species through his ideas of custom made jewellery and the addition of diamonds – all in the name of making his lady feel special. So, in 1477 Mary of Burgundy received her proposal along with flat pieces of diamonds in the shape of an “M”. We’re afraid that the bar has been set ever since.

A Special Promise Needs a Special Design

Sparkling with materialistic value makes diamonds somewhat desirable, but really, that’s not the only reason why us girls go weak at the knees over them. Like the ancient Egyptians with their reeds, diamonds have come to represent a very special promise in modern times. With this in mind, it’s a good idea to choose a ring design that speaks volumes about the promise of eternity being tailored with your lady in mind.

How Do I Make It Uniquely Hers?

Consider your girl’s personality, what she values and her style – is she glamorous or more the tomboy type? Got It? Good. Now, raid her jewellery and find a ring she already owns for an idea of what her ring size may be. Do some research by visiting Romanelli Designs and consider meeting with their team to help you merge the essence of your girl with a custom made ring just for her.

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