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The Romanelli Designs team is a family business, created and founded by Cosmo and Maria Romanelli. Descendant of a proudly Italian family, we want our customers to feel like they can come and sit at our table and become a part of “La nostra famiglia”, Our Family. With this in mind, we want to create a structure where our clients become personally involved in the jewellery-making process and experience this industry first hand. Our team of like-minded professionals were specially selected to embrace this vision. With your imagination and our skill set, we sculpt the items of jewellery that you have dreamed of but could never find in any retail stores. Our family of skilled experts are dedicated to your custom jewellery design and we will guarantee the best personal jewellery design and manufacturing experience.

Our philosophy of Value for Money is deeply entrenched within our family. Our team understands that every client should be treated like an extension of our family and, therefore, we measure ourselves based on how closely we achieve the value for money goal.


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Marisa Romanelli Owner | Romanelli Designs 2

Marisa Romanelli

~ CEO and Founder

Maria launched Romanelli Designs Company, as part of the Romanelli group of companies, in 2013. She is the vision, as well as the driving force, behind our Family. Much like a mother, Maria has brought out the best out of a group of people, uniting us for the same cause and making us a family.

Romanelli Designs Male Employee 4

Cosmo Amleto Romanelli

~ Group Chairman

Cosmo is the ultimate “Godfather” in our family, keeping us honest, focused and accountable for all activities surrounding our business. He is also responsible for building a healthy and sustainable business structure that ensures our company’s future. He is the man who has successfully steered all our companies to the success we enjoy today.

Romanelli Designs Male Employee 3

Jacques Fullard

~ Consulting Diamond Expert

Enlightening our clients on the different aspects of a diamond is what Jacques has become known for. He will assist you every step of the way to find the perfect stone for your jewel while giving you an opportunity to appreciate each stone’s unique qualities.

Romanelli Designs Female Employee 2

Shani van Eck

~ Consulting Designer

Shani studied Jewellery Design and Manufacturing at both UJ and TUT to make herself an all-rounder in this industry. With her technical knowledge, it’s become her passion to help clients bring the design of their dreams to life.

Romanelli Designs Male Employee 2

Antonio da Costa

~ Factory Manager

Antonio and his team make up the irreplaceable operatives who work with the machines used in Romanelli Designs’ factory. He ensures that our factory never experiences downtime, guaranteeing that your jewellery pieces meet every deadline, as well as our very strict quality control requirements.

Romanelli Designs Male Employee

Marcus Dudley

~ Operational Assistant to CEO and Chairman

Marcus is the man responsible for making sure that we always have an open channel between our family members and our clients. He keeps a critical eye on every aspect of our business and of all of the working elements in our company.

Romanelli Designs Female Employee

Carien da Costa

~ Administration Officer

Carine is responsible for each department from an administrative point of view. Her level thinking and attention to detail ensures that all of our documentation is in order and that our clients are completely satisfied with their projects.

Why Do Business With Us

We at Romanelli Designs welcome you to get involved in the process of custom designing your ideal jewellery piece, ensuring the best value for your needs.

Our team of specialized consultants guide you through every step of the way. They are highly trained in translating the image that you always dreamed of into reality and ensure that you find the right stones that bring your piece to life.

Every diamond that leaves our premises is certified by the most respected names in Gemmological Certification – GIA and EGL.

Each project is custom-designed and specified to your unique budget. We will always aim to attain the best value diamond for your special design within your means.


Our Policy

We offer a 30-day full money back guarantee if you are not 100% satisfied, no questions asked.

If you are scared that you didn’t get her ring size correct Romanelli Designs offers a 1 free sizing, provided that the size is one size up or down.

We apply ourselves to a stringent quality control process and each jewellery element is scrutinised by our team of professionals.

All materials used in the creation of your item are subject to a standard of excellence, fair trade and are conflict-free.

We only deal in certified loose diamonds, all of which are GIA and EGL laboratory rated diamonds.


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