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Client: Rishen Sukai

Rishen surprised his fiancée in a unique proposal when she least expected it.

Rishen and Monica met at work and almost immediately had a connection. After a year of courtship, the couple decided that they could very well spend their lives together forever and this led to Rishen to start devising plans on how to make it a reality.

Visiting an art gallery, Monica didn’t expect to see a cleverly crafted image of Rishen proposing to her. Surprised at first, Monica looked at the image until she finally realised what it was that the image was depicting and spun around in amazement only to find Rishen truly sunken to his knee with a stunning engagement ring, proposing that they marry.

The happily engaged couple have allowed us to share their story with you and this is how their ring design came to life;

Inspiration & Consultation

Romanelli Designs Custom Made Jewellery 8

Rishen met with Jacques, our Diamond Expert, with a pre-approved custom design that the couple chose together. During the consultation, Rishen was able to exactly specify what he would like to see in the ring. This allowed Jacques to propose the ideal metals and various sized diamonds to the allocated budget and Rishen was able to make the final decision on what the ring would ultimately look like.

Design & 3D Render

Romanelli Designs Custom Engagement Ring

Using the inspirational image and combining the preferences stipulated by Rishen, Shani was able to create a 3D rendering and full-scale design layout for the ring. This gave Rishen the opportunity to tweak the design before manufacturing started. The render allows you to have a real feel of what the ring will look like.

Final Product

Couple Of An Indian And White Lady 1
Couple Of An Indian And White Lady

Quality craftsmanship and stringent control test have produced a gorgeous diamond engagement ring set in platinum. Needless to say, Monica‘s expectations have been met over and above her expectation. There is little that can compare to the radiant happiness that this bride-to-be is reflecting.


“Our engagement ring came out better than I could have expected and the detail is remarkable. It was a great experience and real value for my money.”
~ Rishen Sukai

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