Choosing or Designing Your Engagement Ring

Regardless of karat size, the ring that ends up on your finger will carry plenty of weight – the kind of weight that comes with a promise made and a future path chosen. Every time you look down and see your engagement ring, you’ll want to be reminded of that in a way that truly resonates with you. So, how do you and your partner go about choosing or designing the right one?


A Good Place to Start

Gold, Rose Gold, White Gold, Platinum and silver – choosing your precious metal is a really good place to start. Consider how each material works with your skin tone and whether or not it suits your hands. When choosing, also ask yourself which styles you are naturally drawn to – do you prefer the cool tones of white gold or the warmth given off by rose gold and regular gold? Be sure to try on plenty of rings so that you have an idea of what works best for you.

A Cut Above

When it comes to choosing your diamond or diamonds (if you’re super lucky), pay close attention to not only the type of diamond/s you prefer, but also the cut. This is particularly important if you are designing your own ring. The type of cut will influence how the diamond is later set in the ring and will therefore influence the entire design. Round, heart, pillow, princess, marque, pear and emerald; the choices are endless and enable you to design or choose a ring that is truly unique.

Setting the Scene

Diamonds can get lost in a ring if the setting has not been designed meticulously. There are beautiful ways to show off your diamonds with bespoke settings that have been professionally designed with you in mind. Lastly, consider how the actual band of the ring works to accentuate the overall design and appeal of the ring. Paved bands, vine bands and customized bands show that your ring has been carefully and thoughtfully crafted.

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