Custom Designed Jewellery: Yours and Yours Alone

When it comes to jewellery, tastes and preferences are as unique as the individual who wears it – and that is precisely the point. Jewellery has always been a unique expression of individuality and personal style, which is why custom jewellery design is the way to go.

Inimitably Yours

A piece that has been mindfully designed for you (and with your input) means that it will be an incredibly rare day to see that piece or anything similar being worn by someone else. The look will remain timeless and distinguishably yours – a statement piece that you can own as yours and yours alone.

Sentimental Value

If your piece of jewellery has been designed for you as a gesture from a loved one, you’ll certainly remember that fondly every time you wear it. Similarly, working with a jewellery designer to ensure that the piece incorporates elements of you and your taste will build an emotional connection that will make you beam with pride each time you wear your special piece.

Budget and Product Satisfaction Work Together

All too often, jewellery shopping ends in disappointment when finding the perfect piece doesn’t quite align with your budget. Custom designing your jewellery is a way of guaranteeing the collaboration of your budget as well as your ideal looking piece. The right jewellery designer will take time to understand your specific wants and needs before ensuring they are met optimally.

What Kind of Pieces Can Be Customized?

Engagement rings, dress rings, elaborate diamond jewellery, wedding bands, everyday jewellery, cufflinks, earrings, bracelets and pendants are some examples of jewellery that can be custom designed.

The Customising Process

Customizing is a huge process that involves choosing stones (if any) and cuts, the base material of your piece (silver, gold, white gold, rose gold etc) as well as the actual design and shape of your piece. There are additional customizations such as having your piece engraved. For more information, speak to the team at Romanelli Design or visit their website.

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