The Sentimental Value of Jewellery

Though styles may change throughout the years, jewellery is one of those timeless items that never really go out of fashion. When I was much younger, I remember my mother crying as she told me that we had been broken into and that some of her precious jewellery had been stolen.

As a child at the time, it never made sense to me that she could be so devastated over a few items. Of course, I never understood the monetary value of things, and more importantly, I never understood the sentimental value that a piece of jewellery could hold. 

Heirlooms and Honour

One of the reasons jewellery accumulates so much sentimental value is because many pieces are passed down from one generation to the next, becoming family heirlooms that are to be taken care of, treasured and worn with pride. In a sense, receiving a piece of jewellery that has been in your family for generations gives you a sense of responsibility where you want to meet those traditions with honour. You certainly don’t want to be the family member who lost Great Grandma’s pearl necklace all the way from the 1930s.


In many cultures, such as Indian culture, jewellery represents centuries of deep-rooted tradition. As an example, nose rings (referred to as nath) form an integral part of bridal jewellery and a bride’s look is considered incomplete without it. In this culture, jewellery represents financial security even in times of financial struggles.

A Reminder

The sentimental value of jewellery is also attached to the memories associated with that piece as well as the person who gave it to you. Since jewellery can be expensive, receiving a piece from a love one symbolises a sacrifice and shows that the person who gave it to you really loves and appreciates you. When my mother’s jewellery was stolen, she was most sad about the pieces that her mother had given her. Her mom had passed away, but the jewellery served to remind her of her mother’s love.

Custom Made Jewellery

Have a need to show someone how much you love them? Consider custom jewellery design to further carry sentimental value to someone you appreciate through a unique piece that has been planned and designed by you. Contact Romanelli Designs or visit their website for more information.

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