Things to think about when engagement ring shopping

If you are shopping around for an engagement ring, you should definitely have a few things in mind before either of you or your partner says “yes” to a ring. Read our five tips you should know before buying an engagement ring, below.

1. Shape is the most important

Before you start thinking about the 4 Cs (colour, cut, clarity and carat), you should have an idea of what shape you (or your partner) loves. Knowing the shape will indicate the actual geometry of the stone, which essentially relates to the angles of the facets in the stone.

2. Ring Settings Comes Second

Make sure to get a ring with quality setting, which is the metal framework where your stone will be mounted on. This setting will set the tone for a ring. For example, a classic round engagement ring stone would look more modern with a bezel setting. Alternatively, a trendy oval engagement ring will look more traditional in a four-prong setting. Getting the right combo of shape and setting is extremely important.

3. Choosing The Metal

When choosing a band, you have a number of metals that you can choose from. A very popular band choice is platinum, because it is the most durable and pure metal option, making it a great hypoallergenic choice for those who have sensitive skin. Next you have a variety of different coloured gold metals to choose from, including white, yellow, rose and even green. After platinum and gold, you could also consider palladium (which looks a little greyer than platinum). If you want something slightly different you could consider a recycled metal band, which may include a mixture of platinum and gold. Which could be considered to be your “something old” and “something new” combined in one.

4. Consider Buying Loose Stones

Unless you’re buying an estate ring, it’s highly likely that, you’ll be looking at buying loose stones as opposed to stones in a setting. The stone makes up the majority of an engagement ring’s cost, so why not get the most gorgeous one imaginable within your budget? At Romanelli Designs we can guide you and tell you what to look for when it comes to finding the perfect loose stone. Contact us today for expert advice custom made engagement rings.

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