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If you are wondering how we can guarantee our products and make statements like “Best Quality Product and Manufacturing” or “We Guarantee the Best Value for Your Money” then this page will delve into exactly why we can be this bold.

When you do business with us, you will experience the Romanelli Guarantee because we have a number of things that set us apart from the others in the jewellery industry.

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We are a Wholesale Diamond Dealer

This means that we have a large variety of stones at the best prices since there are no additional dealers involved.

We Have an In-house Jewellery Casting Facility

We make your jewellery item right here, no need to send the design away and run additional costs.

We Have Our Own In-house Goldsmith Workshop

After manufacturing, our Goldsmith, Sandra, can ensure that the final touches are absolutely perfect before our customers receive their jewellery pieces.

We Have an In-house Designer

This allows you more cost saving and gives us the opportunity to make sure that you are perfectly satisfied with your jewellery design before manufacturing can begin.

We Own the Latest State-of-the-Art Manufacturing Equipment

We make your item perfect right from the start. Reliable equipment produces good quality products with the least hassle.

3D Wax Printers

Our 3D Wax Printers lets us make your design in wax for final touch-ups before becoming the mould for your design idea.

Casting and Melting Equipment

This is installed at our manufacturing facility so no product leaves our grounds for manufacturing.

Laser Welding Machines

For repairs, refurbishments and resizing, we do them all right here at our facilities.

Bench Work Equipment

These are the tools that are used to make your jewellery items. These are used by our professionals on-site to prevent products being sent to other facilities.

85% of all custom jewellery companies use up to 3 or 4 external contractors (Casting facilities, Diamonds Suppliers, Goldsmiths, Designers and so forth) that adds to the final costs of each item and can cause bothersome quality control issues, leading to a lengthy process before the customer finally receives their items.

All of the above does not only allow us to skip all the unnecessary hassles and middlemen, it also brings the added benefit of keeping overheads at it’s lowest costs since no retail fees or hidden costs are involved. Romanelli Designs is proud of what we can offer our clients and our purpose-made structure is built on a long-standing family group of companies to ensure that our promise to you stays true.

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